The World's Greatest New Energy Technology

As the world races to find clean substitutes for fossil fuel, an amazing new
technology is on the cusp of commercialization. With devices named
ecat, hyperion, CIHT cells, and using elements such as nickel and hydrogen,
LENR is finding incredible interest and investment.
What are the the main aspects of LENR? The above diagram is a ribbon of the
elements on the Periodic Table from Hydrogent to Copper. The elements up to iron were created in stars through fusion and explains why elements such as iron are common in the earth. Elements above iron were created in the explosions of supernova through neutron bombardment. explaining why elements such as gold, silver and platinum are scarcer. These supernova elements are condensed matter with tight bonds. Some of these elements such as nickel and palladium also have the ability to suck up hydrogen. Within the lattices of the metal the hydrogen reacts when a little heat or electricity is added producing extra heat. This extra heat can be used to produce steam and when devices are bundled may produce enough to drive turbines to produce electricity. The reaction is not chemical since only a little hydrogen is used up and is believed to be a Low Energy Nuclear Reaction where the hydrogen behaves as a virtual neutron and fuses with the nickel nucleus producing isotopic copper or nickel and beta decay.

The following are some of the personalities in the LENR saga.
From left to right: Andrea Rossi, Robert Godes and Bob George of Brillouin, Randell Mills of BlackLight Power. Bottom left: Francesco Celani, Mark LeClair and George Miley.

Energy is the driving force in the 21st Century. With cheap energy much of the conveniences we take for granted can exist. But environmental, political and global demands are making traditional sources of energy more expensive and scarce. If LENR replaces fossil and nuclear fuels in power plants, natural gas in home heating it would be potentially worth billions of dollars. If fully realized, it would become an LENR-WORLD. The following are some of the companies and institutions possibly on the verge of commercialization.
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Much of the above activity has been in the last two years, although the startup work has been much longer, back into the 1990s. The following links show the recent news in LENR and what LENR is and how it is occurring. The content is from my other website lenr-lent.com.
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